Find a penpal, FAQ

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Do I need to register before searching the list of pen pals?

No, you don't have to register. You can do the search without registering. Registering is required when you want to contact a pen pal. Registering or login is required when you want to place your ad or you want to edit your ad.

How do I find a pen pal?

You can search by age category or you may search by country, (all countries or selecting one country) also you have an option of gender (male, female).

If I find few pen pals while searching and I want to review later which one to contact, how can I find them again later?

Take a piece of paper and write down a country, a gender and the name of those you consider. Later you can search again by selecting country and gender of those on your list. You can't search by name, the name will be for confirmation.

How can I find my own pen pal ad?

You can do a search as you do a regular search, selecting age, gender, country. You can also see your ad, doing the following:  Log-in using your Name/Nickname or email address and password you’ve created. Click on Post, Edit  your Ad. Now you can see your ad.
NOTE: If you select "USA only," your ad will NOT be shown here, on international web, on the regular search page, but it will be presented to American people ONLY.

I already registered, but it still will not let me email pen pals.

To contact pen pals, you must register first. When you're registered and go to "Find a penpal" tab, then "search." You're linked to "Search for Penpals" page. Under each listed person there you find blue box "Contact user"  When you click on that box, you're linked to contact page. Using that page you may contact the person you have selected.

You must use the same email address that you submitted to us, which were also shown in the welcome email that you should have received when your registration was activated. On the contact page, where you're transferred to, after clicking "Contact user" under "Find a penpal" blue tab, your email address should be visible there.