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About the founder

I was not born in USA. I was raised and lived in other country. I didn't know English language. I didn't have money to pay for airline ticket to USA. I did not know anyone in USA, that could help me. In USA consulate there was a long line of applicants every day asking for Visa to USA. The Consul has been issuing Visas to small percentage of applicants. When we look at all those above, my perspective to visit USA was less than minimal. Simply taken, I was not qualified to see USA at all. There was no Internet at that time, yet, but just a magazine. Pen Pal Magazine where we could find people from all around the world, including USA. Those people by placing Ad, publishing their names and contact addresses, were looking for Pen Pals. For number of months I was carefully studying every issue of that Pen Pal Magazine, selecting people who could correspond with me. My main focus was USA. Being aware that there are hundreds or thousands of people doing the same as I do, I was asking myself - who and when will reply to my letters? After months of trying I got a letter from USA. That one man offered to me a little hope. He didn't offer money to me, no airline ticket, nor housing, but that little help was good enough to put me on the path to my destiny. Exciting destiny. Now I am a citizen of USA. And remembering where I have been and who I was, by offering this website to you, I invite you to use it carefully with patience, persistence and wisdom, and I am giving you enough hope to cherish every step of your way, to your destiny. Exciting destiny.

...Your Pal,

Ted Tomal